The Media is Courting the Media

The war for talent is coming back in the media industry.
The press was wooing the press at the recent
New York conference of the Online News Association, a relatively small group of mainly influential members of the ?New Media.?,, Yahoo (which blogger Rafat Ali says is ?sucking up all the talent?) and Knight Ridder, co-owner of CareerBuilder, were all recruiting journalism employees. The Times seems to know something about managing people: Chairman Arthur Sulzberger has given rewards to employees who try something new–and fail. Though the journalism institute Poynter says “many Knight Ridder employees are still emptying their desks in the wake of the latest round of layoffs,” the recruitment marketing brochure Knight Ridder was handing out touted its work/life balance and career development opportunities. ?I?m fortunate to have the flexibility to have a family life and a career,? one employee says in the slick brochure. ?My managers respect that?and a lot of companies don?t.?



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