United Will Have its Pick of Flight Attendants

United Airlines cancelled its recruitment advertising for flight attendants because it got so much media attention that the jobs applications flooded in.
Robin Urbansky, a United spokesperson, told me that it sent a press release out over PRNewswire and talked to local reporters ahead of launching the jobs on its website; as a result, the first application came in 20 minutes after going live.  
“We wanted to try to raise the awareness that this was the first time United has hired since 9/11,” she says, adding that United got so much interest because of “what this hiring symbolizes for our industry and more notably our company.”
Candidates who make the first cut then interview with Spherion, which decides whether they have at least six of 11 necessary competencies. They then interview with United, and lastly take part in a “group interactive activity,” about which Urbansky had little to share. United received more than 16,700 online applications in the first three days and is interviewing 5,100. Jobs are also open in administration, management, operations, maintenance, and customer service.

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