UPS, Jobster and More

–There aren’t many big names in the HR world. One is Lea Soupata, head of HR at 400,000-employee UPS. She’s retiring after 36 years at Big Brown. UPS released a list of her accomplishments. These include: “More than 66,000 people have been hired off of welfare since UPS became a founding partner in the Welfare to Work Partnership in 1997.” Soupata and UPS also established an “Earn & Learn” program for students to work part-time at UPS and get up to $3,000 in tuition assistance and $2,000 in forgivable loans per calendar year.
–At a Jobster road-show event this week in Orange County, California, the company’s CEO said Jobster’s on a roll, signing up 10 new clients weekly and expects to have more than 200 paying customers by the end of the year. CEO Jason Goldberg says one large bank he recently spoke with spent a half-million on Monster in 2005, but next year will break up the spending into $100,000 on Monster, $200,000 on its corporate website, and $200,000 on other recruiting tools, such as passive sourcing tools like Jobster and ZoomInfo.
–Slate proposes business failures as an economic indicator.

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