Best Buy

Best Buy got slapped with a federal class action civil rights lawsuit–Holloway et al. v. Best Buy Co, Inc. A plaintiffs’ attorney says that “the low number of women and minorities employed by Best Buy sets it apart from other large retailers.”


According to the plaintiffs, “The lawsuit charges that Best Buy recruits, hires, and maintains a disproportionately white and male sales force from which it then promotes a disproportionately white male management force. Nationwide, more than 80% of store managers, the top job in a store, are white men, less than 10% are women, and less than 10% are African-American or Latino.”


In an e-mail to me, Susan Busch, Best Buy?s Director of Public Relations, Corporate, writes, ?We vigorously deny the discriminatory claims.  The discriminatory behaviors alleged in the attorney?s press release are inconsistent with our policies, values, and culture. Best Buy is committed to a workplace free of discrimination.  We do not tolerate discriminatory practices.?



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