The FBI?s Hiring Blitz

The FBI is moving aggressively to hire what it calls ?a large number of information technology professionals.?

These positions include computer scientists, computer engineers, information technology specialists, and IT project managers. Salaries range from $35,452 to $135,136. Candidates with hot skills can get signing bonuses.

Gwen Hubbard, who is the chief of the FBI?s recruiting, tells me she?s running a ?very aggressive Internet campaign,? and that the Bureau is using the agency Bernard Hodes. The campaign includes a vigorous attempt to work with the computer-related departments at universities. ?The FBI has changed,? she says. ?We need desperately need IT professionals ??


She draws the line at poaching. ?Only if we find that the company is downsizing and they?re interested in placing their employees,? she says. ?As far as going out and stealing, we don?t do that.?


Hubbard?s team includes 39 recruiters at headquarters as well as recruiters and others helping out in 56 field offices.

Joseph Persichini, Jr., is the acting assistant director in charge of the
Washington field office of the FBI. He says that most of the new hires will be in states near Washington, D.C.?in Quantico, Virginia, for example. The Bureau, he says, will use ?every possible medium that we can–radio, print, universities, Internet, publications, particularly technology-related periodicals, minority papers.? It?s also partnering with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce.

?We?re looking for people to make this a career,? he says. ?There are tremendous promotional opportunities in the FBI.?


That?s only part of the message to candidates. It?s also, according to Hubbard, that they can ?change government today.? And that they can participate in the agency?s effort to combat terrorism.

The agency?s looking for system engineers who can help tie its systems together better. It?s looking for data engineers to work on transitioning from its legacy systems. And it?s looking for experts in portal technology.

?The bureau is engaged in a massive improvement and change refurbishment,? Persichini says.

The FBI is using Monster?s QuickHire hiring system. Only people with top-secret clearances can take the jobs.


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