You're Overqualified

In recent days:

–The French try anonymous resumes.

Washington (state) legislature passed a law banning discrimination against gays. The governor will sign it and opponents may try to get a ballot initiative passed that would overturn it. “The legislation adds sexual orientation to a state law banning discrimination in housing, employment and insurance,” according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.


–At a Los Angeles “career conference” late last week put on by SeasonedPro (it was similar to a career fair, but for experienced candidates), Amgen found some strong IT candidates. What one Amgen recruiter tells me she’d also really like are some good recruiters. It’s a highly regarded company out here, but the contract recruiters either have to be willing to commute from LA, or move out to Thousand Oaks, California, where housing’s not cheap either. According to CNN/Money, Coldwell Banker estimates that in 2005, a 2,200-square-foot house in a “neighborhood typical for corporate middle-management transferees” cost about $964,000 in Thousand Oaks. In Santa Monica, it was double that.


–Earlier, I asked a Boeing recruiter how his recruiting was going at the conference, and he simply turned to me and mentioned how unaffordable it was for people to live in southern California. He said he’s looking forward to retiring in a few years, moving out of the area to a location where he says he can buy a house, a BMW, and a flat-screen television.


–Spherion director Carleen MacKay was asked by one candidate what to tell employers who early on in the process ask him what his salary expectations are. “Say to the employer, ‘How much you got?'” she joked.


Another candidate asked what to do when employers tell him he’s overqualified. MacKay suggested he say, “I may be overqualified, but I’m an underperformer.”



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