Soft Stuff and Hard Stuff

–Pinstripe CEO Sue Marks, a recruitment outsourcing vendor, tells me that some big human resources outsourcing deals are “unraveling.” One theory, she says, is that the big HR outsourcing vendors were too focused on the transactional part of recruiting. “The soft stuff is often the hard stuff,” she says. 

 –One law firm, Ogletree Deakins, offers questions and answers on the new Internet applicant rules. It also has a white paper  on the rules.

–Short of bilingual teachers, Dallas Superintendent Michael Hinojosa suggests his school district examine whether there’s a way to hire illegal aliens, according to the Associated Press. “We are going to follow the law, but if there is the possibility to modify the law, we should,” he says.

–The head of the Service Employees International Union, Andy Stern, recently told the consultng firm McKinsey: “I think what we’re going to see happen in the next ten years, if not sooner, is a convergence of a global labor movement, a global corporate-responsibility movement, and nongovernmental organizations. In the end, we’re all dealing with the same sets of concerns and, more important, with the same grouping of multinational employers.” He also envisions an era of outsourcing strikes: “If workers are ready to go on strike in the
United States, and we are ready to pay them to strike, it would be very costly. But paying workers in Indonesia or India or other places to go on strike against the same global employer isn’t particularly expensive.”

–According to Cnet and the AP, “Google has hired Amazon search chief Udi Manber ? Manber, who headed up the e-commerce company’s A9 division, will become a vice president of engineering at Google.”

–“British carmaker Land Rover is laying off 1,300 workers to cut expenses,” according to UPI. In the Midwestern U.S., Schneider National is looking for truckers. “Inexperienced drivers may make between $35,500 and $43,500 their first year, while experienced drivers may earn between $49,500 and $58,500,” according to the Akron Beacon-Journal.

–Was great to see such former Workforce coworkers as John Hollon, Carroll Lachnit, and others at this week’s LA HR week conference. Also good to bump into CRI’s Ladd Richland,’s Steven Rothberg, and visionary LA school district HR VP Deborah Hirsh, who recently wrote for ERE’s journal.


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