A little Friday wrap-up

Home Depot, according to BusinessWeek, “measures the effectiveness of workers by using VA = Q x A x E. The value-added (VA) of an employee equals the quality (Q) of what you do, multiplied by its acceptance (A) in the company, times how well you execute (E) the task.” It’s bringing a military-style discipline to the company, but some dectractors say the working weekends and intense culture are causing high turnover and poor customer service.
CFO’s latest issue is all about HR, recruiting, benefits, training, and related topics. I thought the metrics article was one of the better ones.
Reuters reports that “consolidation and layoffs” have hit the mortgage industry.
AFX and Forbes report that Sony, “which is slashing (10,000) jobs in a restructuring drive, says it will nearly double its hiring of new graduates as it tries to retore its competitive edge in electronics.” It wants “brilliant young people in their late 20s and early 30s.”

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