Bullish on Monster in the U.S. and Europe

While we were watching March Madness:
Barron’s ran a positive story on Monster, saying “we’re bullish … Monster is a potential takeover target, although its 71-year-old CEO and key shareholder, Andrew McKelvey, consistently has said he favors independence … Internet giants Google and Yahoo! could digest Monster, given its $6.4 billion market value.” Barron’s says Monster has room to grow: “in the U.S., only about 25 percent of the $7 billion spent annually on recruitment advertising is directed to the Internet. In Europe, less than 10 percent of recruitment spending is online.”
–More women will sell underwear.
–Unisys “over the next three years, plans to hire 1,000 workers to staff its Chinese outsourcing operations,” according to InfoWorld Daily.
–Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruiters are stepping up their recruiting efforts because of the “highly competitive employment market,” according to one of its lead recruiters. The police are playing up five things to job candidates: the impact they can have on the community; job security; pay and benefits; growth potential; and opportunities to learn specialized skills.

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