Psychopaths; A Pause That Refreshes

–In an update to us clients, mutual fund company T. Rowe Price says that there were “brief periods of moderation” in the middle of the recent economic expansions of 1982-1990 and 1991-2000. T. Rowe Price says that could happen again. “A pause that refreshes in 2006-2007 should set the stage for renewed vigorous expansion through the end of the decade.”
–Baird analysts say that the ” housing market is showing more definitive signs of slowing. Not only could this slowdown impact the economy from an investment standpoint, but the boom in the housing market in recent years has led to a surge in housing-related employment — a trend that could reverse as housing activity cools. To wit, the construction sector has added 22 percent of the new jobs over the past year despite representing only 5 percent of the total jobs in the economy.”
One professor says that “Disturbingly, many of the traits identified with psychopaths are considered desirable in top executives.”

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