"Awful, Yearly Performance Reviews"

Employees aren’t productive when they’re stressed out, but they’re also unproductive when bored, “emotional-intelligence” guru Daniel Goleman said today. The challenge for employers is to find that middle ground.
Goleman was the opening speaker at the EMA (Employment Management Association) conference today in San Diego.
Also from Goleman:
–Says (quoting professor Richard Boyatzis) that people ought not to spend tons of time improving something they’re really bad at. People also ought not to spend tons of time on improving something they’re really good at. They should spent time improving the middle ground.
–Leaders often are skilled at making people laugh.
–Graduate school performance and test scores are horrible predictors of performance in the workplace.
–What distinguishes the most successful coaches: empathy.
–“These awful, yearly performance reviews. I think those are a nightmare.”
–Says some leaders are what he calls “pacesetters” — and that’s bad, he says. They’re top-performers but are impatient and hypercritical.
–Surprised at companies that give people 360-degree evaluations but don’t help people improve in areas that matter.
His “best practices in leadership development”:
1. Ask people what’s important to them.
2. Evaluate people’s strengths and limits.
3. Pick a development goal and make a learning plan.
4. Get someone to help.
5. Practice at every opportunity.

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