Posting Jobs; Women; Handwriting

From the Employment Management Association conference today in San Diego ….
-CareerBuilder says that job-seekers want to learn the following about jobs they are considering: salary ranges/benefits; information about career advancement; job stability information and growth opportunities; work/life balance information; training opportunities; and the degree to which there is camaraderie at the company.
-Cokie Roberts said this morning that one reason some countries (such as fast-growing Asian countries) went from the third-world to very advanced is that they started educating girls. Not only did girls become prepared to be productive and successful women contributing to economic growth, but there has also been a lowering of pregnancy rates among young girls, helping to break a cycle causing poverty.
-One of the oddest vendors here today is selling an assessment that analzyes people’s appropriateness for jobs based upon their personalities. People’s personalities are determined by … a handwriting test. I mentioned the whole thing to one attendee, who hadn’t yet been to the booth, and she said she has always appreciated my dry sense of humor — though I wasn’t joking (and didn’t know anyone appreciated it). Another attendee I spoke with said he had just gone by the booth and felt that EMA shouldn’t have allowed them in, believing that your run-of-the mill attendee can’t determine scientific assessments from assessments that could be negatively correlated to job performance and may not hold up in court.

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