Some New Numbers

Zurich is the world?s No. 1 city when it comes to quality of living, according to Mercer Human Resource Consulting, whose criteria included political stability, economics, medicine, schools, recreation, climate, and more. Geneva was second, Vancouver third. (Baghdad is the lowest). Honolulu is the highest-ranking city in the United States, Houston the lowest.

–“Approximately 46 percent of CEOs anticipate an increase in employment levels in their industry, about the same as last year when 44 percent said they expected an increase,” according to the Conference Board. “But the proportion of CEOs who anticipate a decline in jobs over the next six months rose sharply to 24 percent, up from about 11 percent a year ago. Health care costs remain the major obstacle to hiring new workers. Regulation and litigation costs were second on the list, while other fringe benefits and wage and salary costs remain of lesser concern to business leaders when hiring new workers.”


“Tech-sector job cuts announced in the first quarter were 40 percent lower than the same quarter a year ago,” according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. This was the fourth consecutive quarter in which tech cuts were below the year-ago level. 


?More than 77 percent of (mainly large companies) see dramatic increases in talent management initiatives within the organization over the next three years? said Jason Averbook, CEO of Knowledge Infusion.


$30,000 to $40,000 is the going rate for St. Louis technicians (and $80,000 to $100,000 for Ph.D. scientists), on the hunt for “the perfect pet food.”
–About $11 to $17 is the going rate for security professionals at the San Diego airport. 

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