More Big Love

–You may have read a lot about the backdating issue, but this overview may help make heads or tails out of it.


–I don’t know who’s writing ads for Borders Books in Santa Monica, but they’re pretty good. One store placard for an inventory clerk, which could have been awfully boring, said “If you’re an early riser, have a keen sense of detail and like touching books ?” go upstairs to the application kiosk.


–According to the Financial Times, British “employers are turning to older workers to fill skills gaps and comply with age discrimination laws due to be introduced in October.” About 70 percent of employers are “actively seeking to recruit people aged between 55 and pension age.”


–Whole Foods is expanding (a lot) in the
UK and is looking for “key management roles,” according to the Financial Times.


-MediaBistro, one of the leading job boards for the media industry around the world, packed ’em in like sardines last week in Hollywood. MediaBistro parties and its website are a source of candidates not just for media companies but for other companies (including the Gap and the National Basketball Association) who are hiring for communications jobs or who want the skills journalists have or are perceived to have. Different MediaBistro crowds (New York, Detroit, Atlanta, across the Pond, etc.) draw different types, and the entertainment industry dominates the parties out here. Last night’s attendees were from E!, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Investor’s Business Daily (headquartered here and not New York, oddly enough), Entrepreneur magazine, MTV, Universal Music Group, and elsewhere.


Unlike past events, few people seemed to be looking for jobs. On the contrary; most I talked to, particularly the freelancers, seemed to have more work than they could handle.


I asked one attendee what she’s hearing a lot of chatter about, since I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone, and she said, “Lots of new TV show ideas. I’ve heard lots of ideas about cults. Lots of cult ideas.” When I asked why cults, she said, “well, Big Love, it’s sort of like a cult, and it’s hot. So everyone’s looking for more cult ideas. More Big Love.”


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