Salivating Over Monster

The Motley Fool says Monster investors should be “salivating” over the company’s prospects in Asia.
Also: Monster “questions past figures.”

Taleo Plunging

Not the best day ever for recruiting stocks. Among the carnage:
Taleo’s stock is getting pummeled.
Labor Ready’s not doing much better, down about 20% right now (about 11 a.m. Pacific) due to a slowing demand for construction workers, among other things.

Jobster; Avon; More

Jobster secured another $18 million in funding from investors, according to a press release Jobster sent over to me earlier today for release at midnight Pacific. This round was led by Reed Elsevier Ventures. Reed Elsevier is the owner of LexisNexis.
Electronics firms are hiring in Asia.
NAACP is out with its rankings.
Avon is hiring like nuts in China. 

Great Beginning of a Job Ad

It’s always amazing to see your ideas take off. Even more so to see them land.

For the Mars Exploration Rover Team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the launch of the Spirit and Exploration spacecraft was the culmination of years of careful planning. The landing on Mars, however, was the real moment of truth. With only 48 hours to resolve three potentially fatal software malfunctions on Spirit, the crew at JPL erupted in excitement when the landing apparatus deployed and Mars Rover Spirit touched down on the red planet. Imagine sharing in that sense of wonder as you see your own career taking off.

Senior Compensation Analyst

JPL’s Compensation team is currently seeking a Senior Compensation Analyst. This position will …