Job Boards May Be Eyeing MediaBistro

MediaBistro has become more than a job board — a community, a source of training, a publication of its own, and more. It may be for sale, according to Ad Age, with larger job boards like Monster logical potential buyers.
Rafat says Reed would make a good buyer, because it owns Variety, or VNU could be a good buyer, because it owns Editor & Publisher. E&P, in my view, has been in decline, while MediaBistro has been brilliant in in feeding what Ad Age calls journalists’ “insatiable desire to mix, mingle and consume news about their own.”

Jeff Taylor's Site; State Farm; the Next Outsourcing Location?

-An update on Monster founder Jeff Taylor’s new site.
-Today in a Mexican fast-food chain down the street, an eager State Farm recruiter in line in front of me placed his order and then handed the employee at the register his business card, telling him they’re hiring. I asked the employee if he’ll call the recruiter back. “Anything’s better than this,” the employee told me.
If Communism falls in Cuba, will its promixity and natural ties to the large Cuban population in Florida make it the next outsourcing hub?