Mark Cuban's Three Business Steps

Mark Cuban, billionaire Internet success story, is speaking to a group of media-industry executives here at the Capital Hilton in Washington.
Cuban says he does three things with his businesses and he suggests that others do the same:
1) Find out what I do well
2) Find out who’s hoping to kick my a–
3) Focus on what differentiates me from everyone else.
He says marketing can make or break whether anyone’s heard of good projects. His “Akeelah and the Bee” movie, he says, was a great movie that was a box-office dud because of poor marketing. “Marketing your brand … what’s important in the minds of consumers” is critical. “Everything’s a click away [now] — how will you get the message out?”
Meanwhile, in other areas, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, says that youtube is playing with fire by allowing copyright violations all over its site. Similar to how it monitors for porn, it needs to monitor copyrights, he says.
Says that after the Mavericks’ great season he did the opposite of what many sports teams do after great seasons: he lowered prices, some to $2. He says that “I want people to know I was thinking about them” so that when his team goes through down years, they’ll remember his loyalty to fans and want to stick with the Mavs.

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