Horsing Around at Google

That horse in the photo is actually Todd Carlisle, who heads up Google’s staffing analytics group and was getting ready for the company’s Halloween party yesterday.
John Sullivan once said that Google’s “dragging its feet” on metrics. Carlisle’s changing that.
He was originally doing staffing-analytics consulting for the company, and came on board about 2 1/2 years ago as a full-timer. He and about a half-dozen others handle requests from everyone from the top brass to business-unit managers, who are asking such questions as “How many female engineers do we have in the pipeline in Canada?” to “Are you having as much trouble filling xyz job in the Bay Area as we are here in Switzerland?”
Executives at Google are “very hungry for data,” Carlisle says, some of which his team gives out as regular reports (attrition, headcount, pipeline, and more) and some of which comes as responses to requests as mentioned above.
He, HR Director Stacy Sullivan, and others are in charge of keeping Google the way it is as it changes from fast-growing startup to fast-growing big public company. Sullivan’s trying to maintain the infamous culture, but part of that means Carlisle’s got to provide information to recruiters and hiring managers worldwide that will help them figure out who’s going to fit in. 
He’ll be looking at what traits successful current employees have, and what lessons can be learned from those people (Did they attend Purdue and work at Microsoft for at least five years? Did they major in music?) that will help Google select new ones.
“We have more jobs, more locations,” Carlisle says. “How do you know if they fit?”
That’s the question he’s hoping to help recruiters and hiring managers answer. More jobs is right: 9,651, to be exact, about 60 to 70% of whom, according to informal Google metrics, were in costume yesterday.

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