Roger Herman

A mutual colleague and friend called today to tell me that Roger Herman died at age 62 (bio). Though this is a bit hard to believe, apparently it is true.

Roger was a personal friend and I’ve been a long-time fan of his
“Trend Alert” newsletter that offers predictions, forwarding them around to people regularly and telling people to subscribe because they are always so on target. I spent one airplane flight reading his book “Impending Crisis” in its entirety. He was a speaker for ERE and a regular contributor at Workforce Management.

I had lunch with Roger and his wife on the Queen Mary in Long Beach; on a later trip, he came by to visit myself and others, a bit over a year ago. He was always as concerned about you personally as he was professionally.

Roger was extremely passionate about his views (that employers were ignoring the coming labor shortage) to the point where if you wanted him to stop talking about it, you had to make up an excuse (I’ve got a meeting). I found that most all the time, his views were right.

I hope I’m not botching this story too much, but he and his wife told me a story I thought was pretty cool. They got married and were looking for somewhere to live. They each had ties to different places — Ohio (where Roger was very involved in Hiram College), New York, etc. — but weren’t sure where. They took an assessment that tells you where you should live based upon your interests and preferences. It told them to move to Greensboro, North Carolina — so they did, and loved it.


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