We're Never Going Back to the Soviet Union, he says

I’m in
Moscow (Gerry Crispin is also) at a conference put on by HR Digest, a Russian magazine, and Nextep, a conference company.�

ERE will have an in-depth look at Russia coming up in the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.

Meanwhile, HR Digest’s editor, on Russia in the early 1990s:”After Perestroika, companies would do something crazy for a couple of years and be gone. Now they’re hear to stay.”

Also, on the confidence of some Russian companies, he says that in 10 years, they see themselves “bigger, strong, fatter, meaner,” and he says, “we’re never going back to the Soviet Union.”

Arina Bondarenko, who heads up HR for footwear company Ralf Ringer: [Some] company owners don’t give a damn about corporate culture” ? I “plead with you [Russian HR directors in audience] to tell owners the value of corporate culture.”

A company selling parts to mobile phones tells me about the difficulty finding IT people. She says that only 15% of the country is online — with citizens outside Moscow the most disconnected.

Olga Tulmanova, HR Director at the Converce Group, says that employees are leaving Russian jobs for reasons other than money. Another speaker mentions Bloomberg,�which�he�visited�in�London,�as a company that has been successful creating a compelling workplace and mission.

The cops pull people over in their cars to make sure they’re in the city legitimately, and sometimes pull over pedestrians. A couple of Russian HR directors tell me this isn’t such a bad thing, as they need to crack down on people working without papers.

The driver from the airport describes to me the Russian economic progression. “First we had better clothes. Then we have better cars. Hopefully soon, better flats [apartments].” He notes that the traffic in Moscow is a double-edge sword — not pleasant to drive in, but a sign that they city’s on the move.

We pass a McDonald’s, and then one of Stalin’s buildings.

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