Jobster – Taleo – Name That Country

More on the potential Jobster layoffs, we mentioned yesterday. A “reliable source” leaks “internal Jobster communications.”
Name this booming country: “The relatively low cost of labor is an attraction to investors” … day workers are coming from bordering countries for work … and “each week, an average of 60 new companies spring up.” (Answer.)

Peopleclick's CEO Resigns

From a Peopleclick release today:
“Peopleclick announced today the resignation of its president and CEO, Stephen A. Sasser. Chairman of the Board, Ron Kupferman, the company?s first chief executive, will resume his role as CEO at the first of the year.”

Housing Costs; Customs; BRICs

Tuesday Tidbits:
David Ludlow, who heads up the human resources product strategy around the world for SAP, tells me that the BRICs are SAP’s hot countries right now: Brazil, Russia, India, China.
Customs is boosting its hiring, adding thousands of people in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. Employees start at about $35-$40,000.
ICG Commerce’s Keyra Morales, who helps companies select temp providers and other services, tells me, with regard to Romania and Central/Eastern Europe, “Manpower and Adecco are looking to get into those markets. They will strive for companies in those areas. That’s something that’s very attractive for them.”
Even in central coastal California — what San Franciscans and Los Angelenos might consider off the beaten track — the high cost of housing is causing employers to lose candidates.
Rolls-Royce is short on skilled employees and is looking to Germany and elsewhere.
They need more execs in Ireland.