Thick Skin

“I’ve got thick skin,” Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg says of blogosphere criticism of his decision to lay off 60 people — field sales staff and those supporting them. “I’d rather the attention be focused on me rather than the employees working their butts off here … some people say I shared too much, some people say I shared too little. … I was careful not to blog about anything over the last couple of weeks that I did not share with Jobster employees.”
As for criticism that company money was spent on a lavish new office, he notes that it was the “cheap rent district of Seattle” and that the digs would have been more expensive in other neighborhoods.
Goldberg, speaking on a conference call with media, was asked about speculation that Facebook is buying the company. He said that he’s not shopping around Jobster for sale, nor is he seeking a merger. (My original blog post said that Jason described the Facebook rumor as “false” — which was my mistake.)
Goldberg says the reorganization will have “minimal impact” on customers. He says “we are not low on cash at all.” In the meantime, he’s hoping to report “no news like this for a good long time.”

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