New Links n Thoughts

Some of these are thoughts. Free.
Some are just links without thoughts; they require registration or money.
-McKinsey: A new look at Profit per employee.
-Wharton: Employers are paying the price for changes in teen labor.
-Home Depot’s southern division president and other execs say in a conference call that the company will launch a recruiting campaign to get more skilled craftspeople. It will also be trying to better predict future store sales/traffic and how many people will be needed in the store. Basically, it wants more more employees near customers. It’s also raising the percentage of managers who are internal promotions.
-From the Nikkei English News: “Supermarket operator Ito-Yokado, which failed to meet its fiscal 2007 hiring target because of the intensifying competition for labor, will triple its recruitment from universities to 200.”
-Had a good time as the “volunteer host” of last night’s MediaBistro bloggers party. In West Hollywood (a Russian neighborhood), political, entertainment, and just totally random bloggers gathered to talk about their blogs; in other words, to talk about anything. Most everyone’s upbeat about the economy, except for one person who kept talking about “hiring freezes” in “print and broadcast.” With the presidential campaign starting up, politics was on many minds. Rudy Guiliani is popular (considering it’s a very liberal crowd) for saying the same thing to whatever audience he speaks to. Also despite the liberal nature of the crowd, the Mayor here in LA was very unpopular, for doing the opposite. 
My computer has slowly, over the course of a bit over a year, gotten slower and slower and slower to the point where typing a sentence is now quite a chore. At this point, it’s taking me 16 hours to do what should take nine. The Geek Squad’s coming tomorrow, which I’m hoping will be welcome relief.

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