You might be surprised at who’s hiring intelligence agents.

Last night I met the founder of a new company — Career Partners. Interesting — it’s a search firm specializing in job-sharing arrangements. So companies looking for one CFO who is both strategic and tactical (good luck) call up this firm and get two people to do the one job.

Talked on the phone with Robert Hosenfeld, who heads up HR for the 41,000-employee U.S. Customers and Border Protection agency. His team’s hiring about 8,000 to 9,000 employees during this fiscal year. About 2,500 new border-patrol agents will come on board. They’re putting on somewhere around 200 ” recruitment activities” per month, such as a fair or college visit. The agency is made up of two main types of employees: one, the blue-uniformed folks who look at your passport, and two, the green-uniformed folks looking to see if there’s trouble (illegals, drugs, funny money) on the borders. “CBP is one organization that brings these cultures together,” he says. Recruiting is quite a challenge, he says, saying that the logical sources of employees, such as the military, don’t provide endless a supply. “There are just so many police officers you can go after.”
A little correspondence from Eastern Europe ? Andrzej Pieniazek, director of operations at Purcon, Poland, and a recruiter of supply-chain and related candidates, says that although “EU accession prompted a flight of Poles to search for work in other member countries ? and that “there has been a mass exodus of its workers in lower-paid professions to other EU labor markets,” the good news is that “38 million consumers are driving an annual 10% rise in its GDP and the country is ranked fifth in the top 10 global investment destinations. With 52% of the population under 35 and two million of those in higher education, its future prospects are excellent.”

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