Speakers and Writers for ERE

ERE posted the release below recently on wire services. Let me know if you’re interested in speaking or writing. Todd
New York – ERE Media, Inc. (http://www.ere.net) today announced a call for presentations for its upcoming 2008 ERE Expo recruiting conferences as well as articles for its Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.


The Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership is a print publication, published 10 times a year, and is the only publication of its kind designed for senior-level corporate leaders, mainly those who oversee and have responsibility for their organization’s recruiting function.

This journal is unique: Its content is in-depth and often includes flow-charts, org charts, formulas, metrics, and other information used by corporate recruiting departments. It’s written for corporate recruiting leaders who are managing teams of staffing and recruiting professionals. Published 10 times annually, the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership features: case studies from recruiting leaders at top corporations; management and leadership tips from other corporate recruiting and human resources leaders; timely legal insight from top lawyers at the nation’s leading management-oriented law firms; and valuable employment and economic data.

The Journal is written by the readers – corporate recruiting leaders at companies like Starbucks, Valero, Home Depot, and Cisco. Journal editors are not looking for vendors of recruiting products and services to write, but rather corporate recruiting leaders.

Although the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership is not online, sample articles are available. Those interested in writing can contact Todd Raphael at Todd@ere.net.


The first premier event of the year is in San Diego from March 31 – April 2, 2008. It’s for corporate recruiters and HR managers, directors and executives, and will address issues including souring hard-to-fill positions, diversity, talent management, workforce planning, finding passive candidates, workforce planning, branding, and other challenges that recruiting and staffing executives and others interested in talent issues (increasingly, CEOs are interested in the event) are facing.

ERE is currently accepting proposals from senior recruiting practitioners and others (including other executives such as a CEO or a CFO who are interested in talent issues) from leading corporations at this time. Proposals by vendors selling products to recruiters and recruiting executives will not be considered. To be considered as a presenter, please submit your proposal to Todd Raphael no later than August 1, 2007. Your proposal should include the following information to be considered:

* Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)

* Contact information including address, phone, fax, e-mail

* Title and objective of presentation

* Brief outline of the presentation

* What the audience will gain from the presentation (please list 3 – 5 key “takeaways”)

* Previous conference presentation experience

* A short bio

* Three references (preferably associated with your previous speaking


We are particularly interested in companies that, when it comes to their talent-acquisition programs, are innovative and progressive — doing things other companies haven’t yet done or addressing challenges many companies talk about but struggle for solutions to. We’re also particularly interested in sourcing-related topics.

The audience for the event: Staffing directors and VPs; Recruitment managers and senior recruiters; HR leaders; Talent management and acquisition professionals; Directors of diversity, college recruiting, employee referrals, and other talent-related corporate programs; C-level and other executives who aren’t in a recruiting department but are interested in talent-acquisition.


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