Just a little Friday update

optionsXpress is looking for a chief marketing officer — someone with online and consumer experience.
On foreign accents
McKinsey says that “executives in China have become much more optimistic in the past six months.” India executives also are highly optimistic.
On the other hand … businesses in China are forgetting something.
We’d said before that Israel is quietly leading the world in innovation … meanwhile, however, its traditional (non-tech) industries are struggling.
I talked to the VP over at SkyWest — Necia Clark-Mantle. SkyWest is a successful regional airline that partners with United, Delta, and Midwest to handle parts of your flights. Business has improved for many of the airlines, causing some pilots from regionals like SkyWest to jump ship to United and other legacy carriers (where jobs are more prestigious than at regionals). Clark-Mantle says the company is holding more frequent recruiting events, and increasing referral bonuses.
I’m working on a panel of students (MBA, grad, undergrad) at ERE’s conference in D.C. this October. The students will get up on stage and answer questions about themselves, their career goals, life goals, where they want to live, how (if) they consume news, how they spend their time, and so on. Let me know if you know any high-achieving students (the type employers covet) who would want to get up on a stage in front of hundreds of recruiters.
By the way — speaking of ERE conferences … where would you want ERE’s 2008 Global conference to be held? Barcelona? Budapest? Vienna? Prague? Madrid? Baghdad? London?
AstraZeneca is cutting jobs.

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