Come back home

Ryla is hiring aggressively in Georgia to handle a seasonal contract with the federal government (Ryla will be fielding questions employees have about enrolling in benefits).
Bad news: ExecuNet’s “recruiter confidence index” dipped; 55% of executive recruiters are confident or very confident the executive employment market will improve during the next six months, down from 69% a month ago.
Good news: A very large, well-known, financial-services company tells me today (surprisingly, I thought) that they are hiring aggressively, hundreds weekly, and that they don’t see the credit meltdown affecting their staffing plans.
Workgiant says in a press release about the Monster debacle that with Workgiant, “the problem would not be possible.”
Medzilla joins in too.
By the way, keep your eyes out for Taleo as it eyes the performance-management-technology business.
I was in Winnipeg, Canada, up until last night, for just short of a week. Canadians (like the Germans, the French, and others) have elected a more pro-American, pro-free-market, pro-free-trade, leader in Stephen Harper. Canadians are experiencing some American imports it could do without, such as gun violence, as well as others that are signs of a prosperous economy: rising real estate prices and, like its southern neighbor, a tight labor market and tough fight for talent. Winnipeg recruiters are advertising in Minnesota with the message to ex-Canadians, “come back home.” One hiring manager tells me that he’s not recruiting too much farther south than Minnesota because he wants people who would be able to stomach a Winnipeg winter.

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