Some of the Reasons I'm Thankful This Thanksgiving

Here are some reasons why I’m thankful this year.


Not all of them are directly related to recruiting. However, I do think what happens in the world (wars, peace, literacy rates, hunger, the environment) affects the economy and ultimately affects the job market. Turn on CNBC any day and you’ll that what often drives our economy involves far-flung events such as a conflict in
Turkey or an Eastern-European country adopting more free-market policies. You’ll find that when countries become more free (often because dictators are overthrown), or when people become more free to make money off of their skills (e.g. China, parts of Eastern Europe), we all benefit.


What all that in mind, here are some reasons I’m thankful:

–Despite all our challenges (wars, hurricanes, etc.) the U.S. is now the most competitive nation in the world, giving us the opportunity to spend money on the world’s best health care.
Among the incredible and positive things happening to the world’s workforce: at current rates of growth, “world poverty will be cut in half between 2000 and 2015″ — arguably one of the greatest triumphs in human history.”
Also among the incredible and positive things happening to the world’s workforce: “World-wide illiteracy rates have fallen by half since 1970 and now stand at an all-time low of 18%.”
The fatal work injury rate for the U.S. is “lower than any year since the fatality census was first conducted in 1992.”
–The last several years have brought a (still very imperfect but) far better world for hundreds of millions of people who have been freed from dictators and other oppressive regimes. Over time, you’ll these millions of people become bigger players in the world’s workforce. The Taliban have been overthrown in Afghanistan; Saddam Hussein has been overthrown in Iraq and tens of thousands of new businesses are blossoming and creating jobs; Libya says it finally takes the U.S. seriously and is giving up nuclear weapons; North Korea is apparently giving up its nuclear drive; small and large democracy movements have been sparked around the world, from former Soviet states to Egypt and Kuwait elsewhere; more pro-American, pro-capitalism leaders have taken office in Europe, Canada, and Asia, which will raise standards of living and boost job growth.
The world isn’t perfect, but for employees around the world, there has been no better time than the present, and I’m thankful for that.



Very brief items

  • A bulletin I read from McKinsey today shows that business executives worldwide are optimistic that their workforces will expand over the next six months, but less optimistic than they were in June. They’re most optimistic in


  • Got an email from Christina Monteiro who says she has quite a few candidates from the Liz Claiborne cuts. They are VPs, GMs, merchandise managers, product-development managers, district managers, and others.


  • HireAbility is looking to partner with Akken, Bullhorn, or a similar recruiting technology company, so that recruiters can more easily become a part of HireAbility’s network.


  • Nancy Phillips, VP of sales and marketing at the recruiter-training company Good as Gold, says “the biggest problem in our industry is retaining recruiters ? medical, IT, it doesn’t matter what discipline ? we’re having trouble finding talent, and I’ve heard it over and over and over again.”