Something to read if you're in Barnes & Noble over the weekend

BusinessWeek’s going to have a multi-article feature on recruiting/hiring/HR around the world. I don’t think it’s online yet.


Little of this, little of that

–New ranking of the best cities for jobs.
Teleperformance is hiring hundreds of people for call-center jobs.
–A couple of Fortune writers like Taleo. Investors haven’t been liking the company the last few days.
–Are you worried that this long stretch of good times is coming to an end? (We are fortunate to be living through an incredible 52 straight months of uninterrupted job growth, a large drop in the federal deficit, and 8.3 million new jobs since 2003.) Well, a global group of financial institutions says a recession “is likely to be avoided” in the U.S.  A recession may not happen in Canada either. And financial advisors don’t expect a recession. By the way, if you’re really a detail/numbers geek, there’ll be a great chart on the bottom of I think page 11 in the BusinessWeek that will come out this weekend in your Barnes & Noble or the like. It will show how the least-volatile years over the last 75 years have been the last few years.
–Master Burnett and John Sullivan are about halfway through a book on managing an employment brand. Should be done in a few weeks.
–I took a few seconds away from work today to read this article about Andy Grove. Grove is a business legend … a legend, period … and hopefully he will do for disease what he has done for the business world.