A Video Resume

I thought the video resume pasted below hit many of Mike’s top 10 qualities of a good video resume.

Dave Schmidt (who I don’t know … he just happened to email his video resume to me) wrote the script first, and then gathered images to support what he wrote. He recommends that others build their resumes in this same order. “Don’t include much of anything that can’t be visualized,” such as a job title, he says.

Scriptwriting and recording/editing took about seven hours. Well — another two hours following the feedback he received from colleagues.

Image-gathering took about five hours.

He spent about six hours assembling the video.

Schmidt used Pinnacle on his PC, which he originally bought to digitize analog video of his kids. It was fairly easy, he says, though importing the audio (which he recorded and edited separately) “was a pain,” as was the fact that rendering the video slowed down his computer when he wanted to be doing other things.

Anyhow, here’s the final product.


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