A New Meaning to the Phrase Hot Jobs

From the apparently-this-is-not-a-late-April-Fool’s-Day-joke-department comes a job site for the good looking.

Five postings, and 250 resume views, is $250. You can post a single job for free, and rate the appearance of a job seeker for free. 

I don’t know much about the company. I left a message with them, and think they may be based in the Netherlands because of their domain name registration and because one of their contacts has a .nl email. I also did a little digging into the site’s owner, and if I’ve got the right guy, he has tried his hand at a dating website for environmentalists, and another dating website for soccer fans.

Jobs currently listed for those easy on the eyes: sales jobs, legal jobs, contracts administration, and more.

Obviously, if your contract manager was ugly, they simply couldn’t get the job done. 


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