Big Ben and Tim Tebow

Likely, you’ve heard or read about what’s happened in football this month. After one quarterback, Big Ben, got a sexual assault complaint against him, he got suspended. And you probably know what happened next:

NFL Discovers Character

The Danger of Playing the Character Card

This Will Be Remembered as the 2010 Character Draft

Character Counts

The stock of Tim Tebow, a good football player, rose because he’s perceived as a good guy, especially because Big Ben is perceived as not.

I’m curious how often character comes into play in recruiter and hiring manager decisions outside of sports.

Perhaps because Tebow’s in the public spotlight big time, what he does off the field may make more of a difference to an NFL franchise’s bottom line than what an IT employee, an accountant, sales rep, designer, attorney, or custodian, or someone else does when not at work.

Does a record of charitable work and involvement in organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Rotary, or campus organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, make you more likely to favor a candidate? Or is doing the job well all that matters?


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