Twitter Isn't That Candid

I agree with most of the USA Today article about Twitter

Yes, it’s the world’s water cooler. 

Yes, it’s a great record of what people are saying.

Yes, it’s more interactive than some other social media.

Yes, it’s brewing a social revolution.

Yes, it’s a rallying point for social good.

Yes, it’s hard to keep up with and manage, and can make you drown.

Yes, it’s prone to misunderstandings.

Yes, it’s rewarding and humorous.

But “a place where you can hear what millions are saying and feel, unbiased, and in that moment.”

That I don’t buy. If people were really saying on Twitter what they felt at any given moment, I think the unemployment rate right now would be about 84.5%. Employees would complain about their boss who doesn’t care about them, or their coworker who interrupts them all the time, or hovers over their cubicle, or smells, or spends more time planning their wedding than working.

If on Twitter everyone said what they felt, “unbiased, and in that moment,” then according to my calculations, the divorce rate would currently stand at approximately 93.6%. 

Twitter is incredible. But it’s not ESP. Most people filter before they tweet.