What's Missing When it Comes to Corporate Career Sites

A funny thing is happening to job candidates. They’re finding corporate career sites more interesting and informative, with more multimedia, and they’re seeing employment brands, at least sometimes, that are different than the next company’s.

But when they get to the part of the company’s career site where they search for a job, or apply for a job, they often find themselves in a hosted talent acquisition system that looks much different than the main corporate career site, and more like the systems powering other career sites.

In other words, the experience changes. The brand gets lost.

This is a topic I wrote about for the next Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership. I talked to, among others, UnitedHealth, Intuit, and Intel about what they’re doing to address this challenge.

The Warehouse has put a lot of thought into this. The Warehouse’s Head of Talent Management, Jane Davis, for example, said that “One of the most important things to us when setting up the careers site was to have a seamless brand experience right through the application process. When we researched others’ careers sites, we were very disappointed to see the number of beautiful sites that created an excellent brand experience, which was then ruined the minute you clicked through to apply for a role.”

Davis says: “To lose candidates at the application stage she says after you have sold them on the organization is just crazy!”

I’m not sure how many candidates are being lost. Certainly some. Others are being bored, by job search pages and job application pages that don’t look too appealing, and others are being confused, by search results that can make it difficult to navigate between the job they clicked on and the results they had got a minute prior.

Anyhow, like I said, I’ll get into this more in your next Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.

In some cases, the solution is to find a vendor who can “optimize” the transition between your career site and your back-end system. In other cases, the solution is to make minor color and font changes to the talent acquisition system to make it at least a little more consistent with your look and feel. And in still other cases, the solution is still being searched for.




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