After the Green is Gone

A year ago, so many recruiters I am connected with on Twitter were making their Twitter photos green, in solidarity with Iranian dissidents. This was nice, but not many photos seem to be green anymore.

What happened? Were the green photos a temporary fad or something? I mean, this isn’t an issue like apartheid, which came and went. Sadly, there are still countries oppressing women and torturing (and killing) gays.

Five months ago, we all used our cell phones to text-message donations to Haiti after the earthquake. Ever wonder what became of the country? Because there are fewer reporters talking about Haiti, does that mean it’s all better now?

It makes me think of other issues and topics that have come … and not gone. Also a year ago, we started a list on ERE of recruiters looking for jobs. Though some have likely left the industry, for others the hunt hasn’t gone away. I’d love any thoughts you have on how ERE can continue to try to help, so that list wasn’t something that just appeared on the site for a while and then left.

Similarly, a couple of months ago, Steve Levy and Rob Dromgoole kicked off the 1,000 recruiters of light project to match job-seeking veterans with recruiters who can help them. Again, I’d love any thoughts you have on how ERE can continue to try to serve as a platform for this issue. Again, I’d hate to think this article ran on the home page, people got excited, and then perhaps the issue faded from our radar screens. Veterans will continue to arrive home by the thousands over the coming many months and will continue to need help.

I hope the ERE community continues to use the site for projects like Steve and Rob’s. And I hope we can find ways to keep these efforts alive after the initial push has come and gone, in situations where the problem being addressed has not come and gone.




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