Helping People vs. Hurting Yourself

I’m curious how you handle people asking you to connect them with corporations they want to work at.

Let’s say you meet Tom Thompson at an ERE event, or some local networking event, or just at a non-work-related party — whatever.

Later, Tom Thompson emails or calls you, saying, “I’m interested in a job at Pepsi/Starbucks/Intel/Yadayada, and noticed on LinkedIn that you know Jamie Johnson. Do you mind putting in a good word for me, or passing along my resume to Jamie?”

What do you do, and on what factors does it depend?

Does it depend how well you know Tom, and also how well you know Jamie? Or, just how well you know Tom? 

It’s hard to say “no” to someone who wants help getting a job — or with anything, for that matter.

Then again, it’s hard to say “yes,” knowing that if Tom doesn’t work out, Jamie’s going to think less of you. 


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