Get Your Hair Done, for Less


From Long Beach, California, comes a new way to save on haircuts: if you don’t have a job, but do have an interview, Victoria Lee Scott, who owns Sunset Sports Salon, will give you a break (see the photo).

Scott’s been offering a discount for eight months, and says that about five people a week have been taking advantage of the offer. To get a discount, you don’t have to show proof of an interview. “If they lie just to get a haircut,” she says, “I’m not the one with the problem.”

She started thinking about the economy about a year and a half ago. It occurred to her that if some customers “just had a little cleanup, it would help their chances of getting a job.” 

Around the same time, she noticed the economy deteriorating with the “change in presidency,” as she says. On that note, Scott has a Twitter account, and with her husband a website/blog (expect music to play when you get there) that throws in some good American history, advocacy for limited government, and, sadly, negativity toward homosexuals.

She says she likes to hire people, treat them well, and keep them — 10 years, 15 years. She recently moved an assistant — who’d gotten her license — up to a hairdresser. 

Though recruiters and employers we talk to say that the job market continues to go well for top students, candidates with clearances, and some others, Scott says things are about the same. Not getting worse, not getting better.



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