Mobile Recruiting Is Big. But How Big?

I’ve seen 2011 predictions about mobile recruiting — it’s the next big thing. It’s the real Recruiting 2.0, or 3.0, or 2.5, or the newest media, newer new media, or something to that effect. 

Generally, I agree. We’ve been having webinars, conference and pre-conference sessions, and articles about mobile recruiting for a good while now. We’ll keep doing that. Smart phones, after all, are now practically an “extension of the human body.”

I’m just not sure yet how radical this is. The movement from paper-based recruitment advertising into online recruiting was huge. A whole new category of recruiting — online recruiting — was formed, later giving birth to social media recruiting.

But since then, we haven’t made a big deal about “desktop recruiting” and “laptop recruiting” and “iPad recruiting,” and so on. These are devices and tools to find and attract employees, not, by and large, new methods.

Don’t get me wrong: the difference between a smart phone and a computer is significant. Probably, more significant than the difference between a desktop and a laptop. 

But when it comes to advertising job and career opportunities, finding people, assessing people, managing and retaining them, I see the mobile phone as a great new tool, important but less radical a change than the print-to-computer revolution. 

Let me know what you think.