I’ve talked about perfection before. The more I think about it, the more I feel the same: having a weakness, misspelling something on a cover letter, saying the wrong thing during an interview, dressing slightly off … maybe I’m missing something, but I still think people should be allowed to be human.

What sparks this now is the wife’s name incident.

You’re probably thinking: “OK, Todd, forgetting something is human, but your wife’s name?”

Well, yes. I mean – in fact, the more obvious it is that someone’s forgetting something they obviously know, the more obvious is that it’s a case of the nerves. With such pressure and so many people watching, I wouldn’t be surprised if he forgot his own name.

This kind of thing goes on everywhere. Barack Obama was ridiculed by detractors for saying that there are 57 states … or 47 states, depending on whose story you listen to. Sarah Palin was ridiculed for once in a long talk accidentally mixing the two Koreas.

Many of us remember Denkinger. And Buckner. And Weber, who called the famous “Timeout” that didn’t exist.

As I recently read in a Malcolm Gladwell book, some of us choke and some of us panic. But none of us are perfect.

I think it’s healthier to admit one’s perfections and make fun of them than to give the illusion they don’t exist. Chris Weber ended up starting a charitable foundation, and named it Timeout. I guess he can make lemonade out of lemons, not a bad attribute for a job candidate.


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