Where Marvin Smith Went

You may have read that Marvin Smith had left Microsoft but may not have known where he surfaced.

Smith took a job at Blackberry-makers Research in Motion.

He had options. Last fall he got contacted by another organization I can’t name here. He’d also been exploring moving around within Microsoft, in a sourcing role. But, he says of Microsoft, “sourcing is a new discipline, and most are contingent folks.” He also had an opportunity to work at Microsoft on talent community-building for the Bing product.

He always wanted to work at that first organization I mentioned, and admired the manager, but declined. But for RIM he did not. For one thing, he liked the global opportunity, building a RIM candidate pipeline from India to China to elsewhere, rather than just mainly Redmond. He liked the idea of starting with a blank slate. And, he likes the RIM team, including Rodney Moses, Tito Magobet (who he calls a “great leader, great visionary,”) and Kat Drum, a smash hit at ERE’s Spring 2010 conference who’s appearing again next month.

Smith, like Drum, will stay in Washington, and not move to Waterloo, Canada, for RIM. He’ll be an “executive sourcing specialist” at RIM, and will be doing the sort of work he was doing with Microsoft. But, he said, on a “bigger stage to play on.”

I asked: “Bigger than Microsoft?”

Yes, he said, because Microsoft is divided into divisions, like entertainment and gaming, and this is work for a “single entity.”

He’s not sure what Microsoft will do as far as replacing him, but does (as you might imagine if you read his still-a-PC post) rave about the company, saying “it’s really hard to leave after five years, I have to tell you. It’s a great place. I was blessed with some great opportunities to create and innovate.”


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