Twitter and Race

An email I got today advertising a webinar read:

A disparate impact is a concern if recruiters and companies exclusively use social media to source and search for candidates.  For example, if a recruiter relies solely on Twitter to advertise job openings, they are reaching a predominantly Caucasian audience.

I get the idea: be careful where you source for candidates, because you may accidentally be discriminating. But as someone who likes to see a little proof, a little data — I’m not so sure it’s actually true.

In fact, on the contrary: this post says that a “higher than average” number of Twitter users are African-American and Hispanic.

This post argues that “Twitter is more popular with black people than white people.”

This one talks about Hispanic community Twitter usage, generally arguing that Hispanics and blacks use Twitter more than others because they tend to be younger. 

Why, then, are we so concerned that recruiting on Twitter is inherently discriminatory?



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