A New Community

Community is one of those words — like diversity, empowerment, and so on — that means something different to everyone. For some people, it’s a place, like a website. For others, community is a concept – a sense of belonging.

In recruiting, it can mean a Facebook group (like this from New Zealand) or a LinkedIn group (like this for “reliability engineering”) or it can be something else, on or offline: alumni of a company or a college, for example.

Anyhow, there’s a new one today, from Bacardi. This site’s emphasis is not on socializing but on skills, and includes demo videos and career advice. You can earn badges like “recruiter” for recruiting community members; “commentator” badges for posting a lot of comments; “thought leader” badges for having a lot of followers, and more.

Rum fans can sign up for the site using their Facebook identity.

For Bacardi, it seems to be aiming primarily at product marketing. It’s not, however, a terrible model for a recruiting community.


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