Just Some Little Things on the Recruiting Grapevine

Tiny tidbits:

  • Securian launched a new site for financial advisor careers.
  • Verizon Wireless had much more success this year than last (“requests” up 383% over last year) with a mobile barcode campaign using Jagtag. In short, here’s how it worked: Verizon Wireless would hold campus events called “Wireless Wednesdays.” Lured by among other things the chance to win Verizon devices, students would interact with a barcode — like shooting a photo of it and emailing it. In return, the students were sent a recruiting video and were driven to a Verizon Wireless campus recruiting site.
  • Speaking of campus recruiting: I was talking today with Jennifer Sullivan, of Deloitte. She has been with Deloitte since 2005 and leads campus recruiting for tech jobs at Deloitte. She’s most pumped about the company’s MBAs Without Borders program, which it does with CDC Development Solutions. In a nutshell, the students who get accepted (about a half dozen annually, out of about 60 applicants and 300 eligible) go overseas for a month to do volunteer work in microfinancing, supply chain management, import/exports, or other areas. Other companies — Accenture, PwC, and others — of course each have different pet programs, but Sullivan says she likes two things about hers. One, it’s for new hires, not people who’ve been with the company a couple years, as some companies do it. Also, it’s consistent with the company’s “Where Leaders Thrive” brand — it gives people leadership skills and international experience, both desired by her candidates. Diane Borhani, from Deloitte, is speaking about the company’s award-winning college recruiting this fall.

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