The Latest Scam: College?

A new documentary released today argues that the obsession with college and where you or your kids attend college is one big scam, one involving streams of lies perpetuated by colleges to convince people the high costs of universities are worth it, as well as collusion between textbook-makers and schools to make people buy new, expensive books all the time.

This comes via the National Inflation Association. It says it isn’t against education; on the contrary, it strongly encourages it, but says people can get educated with far less money (and thus less debt) and far more utility than through college. 

The NIA says its president, Gerard Adams, is in “regular contact with the CEOs of over one hundred large multi-million dollar corporations and only about a dozen of them are hiring at this time. Of the dozen or so companies that are hiring, 100% of them are choosing who to hire based entirely on their experience and passion for the work that they do. None of them care one iota about whether or not the applicant has a college degree. Shockingly, several CEOs recently told Mr. Adams that in today’s world, those who didn’t attend college are actually more likely to stand out from the crowd.”

The association believes that the U.S. is nearing a disaster brought on by too much debt and too much reliance on government programs — disaster that will cause the dollar to crash and the wealth of most Americans to get wiped out over the next decade.


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