No Resume? Smart Move by TiVo

As I said before, we can talk until the cows come home about what this mysterious word community means — generally, though, to me, it’s an online or offline sense of belonging.

So I’m not yet saying this offering from TiVo and is a community. I don’t yet feel any sense of connection to the community managers, or the other participants.

But not requiring a resume? That tells me TiVo gets it. 

Requiring a resume — that feels like a job site. Not doing so: that feels like something else, something less immediate, something less commital, more for — oh, no, I’m using the overused phrase — the passive candidates.

I think it’ll raise some questions in people’s minds who are thinking of joining. For example, it makes it clear that your professional information is shared with TiVo and your personal information stays private. But, could that make a passive candidate wonder if their Facebook profile will be updated to say “Jane Doe has joined the TiVo community”? 

Anyhow, join the community, and you’ll be directed to a page, powered by Jobvite, that shows TiVo’s open jobs. And, TiVo will keep its eye on your profile — using the social media site you choose — to see how you may fit into its job openings in the future.


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